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I started in December 2002 with the Olympus C-730 UZ, a fine camera which brought me a lot of pleasure. I could attach the B-300 for even more zoom, or the TCON 0.8 for wide angle photography. It could all be attached with the CLA-4 adapter.

However, this was not really my first camera since in 2001 I already played with an Olympus 840-L. But as soon as I got the Olympus 730 uz I was completely addicted to photography and it is not getting any better over the years!

In May 2003 I bought a D-SLR, the Fuji S2 Pro. A super camera. I missed some shots of animals due to the shutter lag of the compact camera and after 6 months I decided that I was ready for another - faster - camera with more options. Together with this camera I got myself a Nikor 28-105, Tamron 90, Nikor 80-400 VR, Nikon 70-200 VR as well as the Sigma 15-30 for wide angle. Not all at once ofcourse but over time. I started with the 80-400VR and imported the set from Singapore. The last add on for this camera was a Cokin set with some fun filters as well as some ND filters and a warming filter.

In September 2003 I finally bought some Visatec studiolights and that gives lots of possibilities. Nowadays I am also experimenting in the 'studio'.

well.. this is me and Beer... my patient model ;-)

In August 2003 I bought the Olympus C-750 UZ to replace the 730 UZ. I am not too happy about this camera, however some say it is better than the Oly 730. Maybe because it was my first baby, but I preferred the old Oly 730. The Oly 750 is indeed faster in focus, has a silent zoom and superb quality.

However, I decided to sell the Oly 750 in May 2007.

Well, obviously I also have an addiction for cameras itself. In December 2004 I bought the Panasonic FZ20. Carrying around the heave D-SLR camera gear (sometimes 10 kg) is not always too much fun, so I decided to buy the zoom compact with the 2.8 Leica lens. I am quite impressed and I am still using the camera now (June 2008) every now and then.

Another little gem is the olympus ir-300. I bought this camera in 2005 because I wanted to have a real small camera to take with me all the time. There had been so many opportunities where I missed a camera..... So, in September 2005 this camera was added to the collection. I was extremely happy with this little gem. It would even take images with no flash in low light, exactly why I wanted this one.

In March 2007 my IR-300 was stolen. So... as a replacement for the IR-300 I bought a Casio V-7. I had looked into several other options, but when I was at the store, the shop owner told me that the Casio was also an alternative, since no lens comes out of the body. That is what I was looking for. Despite the fact that I could still replace the IR-300 with a new one from the UK (for little money), I decided to go for the Casio, and give it a try. With 7x zoom and manual mode it should be an improvement over the IR-300

In May 2007 I decided to replace the IR-300 (my little gem) with the brand new one from the UK seller. I am not completely happy with the Casio, although it produces quite nice shots and has far more manual options than the IR-300. But the IR-300 will never ever come out of my pocket again. In October 2007, I sold the Casio again with great loss and after taking some 70 shots with it.

The Panasonic TZ-3, a small killer with 10x zoom and wide angle on board seemed really nice and when I was in the store to buy a replacement for the IR-300 I bought this one as well for traveling. I really did not need this one, but could not help myself buying this one as well.

I used this camera a couple of times during my stay in Scotland in May 2007 and it works fine. The wide angle is a bless and the colors that are being produced are quite good.
However: I gave this one to my father since I did not use it very often afterall.

In December 2006 I spent my last part of the voucher that I won as Photographer of the Year 2004. I bought the Nikon D200 as a somewhat faster camera for wildlife. My Fuji S2 is a great D-SLR but not the fastest, and the buffer is low. Therefore I choose the Nikon D200. In December I was able to use two D-SLR's at the same time in Scotland, one mounted with a zoom and one with a wide angle. That was really great, since I met quite a lot of deer in Scotland. So.. even more fun!

This D200 was faulty after 10 months of use and was replaced for a brand new one in February 2008

Unfortunately this last one had the same problem as the previous one, so after having a few great loan bodies, the D200 was finally replaced with a D300 in May 2008. Enough to learn again, since this camera has a few new options as well as a whole new AF system. Let's see what will happen now. I keep my fingers crossed that this one is a good one.

In June 2008 I tested the Nikon 200-400/4VR lens for a week. Nikon gave me this opportunity and it is a great lens. Very tempting and since I have been drooling over this lens for more than a year now, it might be possible that I will buy it afterall. However, I am not altogether certain the this lens will provide enough mm's for wildlife and birds and a good comparison with the 80-400VR is not possible. It is quite another league! Anyway time will tell what will happen over the next months.
Update June 17: I ordered the lens on June 16, 2008! Albeit heavy, it produces tack sharp images with the right handling.

June 2009 and I have lots of fun with the D300 and the Nikon 200-400/4 VR lens. Normally I don't use a tripod but since June 21, 2009 I have one. A carbon Velon C-740 sherpa pro tripod combined with a Jobu design WBH-Pro head. The combo weighs around 9.5 kgs, and I wonder how it will work out in the field.

In October 2010 I bought a Sony HX5V just for fun and to carry along during runs and walks with the dog. It is a camera that can produce decent panorama shots, good videos and has a GPS aboard. I am looking forward shooting with the cam and I hope I never forget it. Update August 2013: I made thousands of shots with the camera. It is well built, and I carried it along for hours and hours. Excellent battery life, I was never out of power during my trips, also not in very cold weather. Panorama shots are fine and so is the HD video option.

In August 2013 I bought a Sony WX300 for my running trips. It is a small camera with 20x zoom and the panorama function that I really like in the HX5V. Unfortunately no GPS and I think that is an omission by Sony. But it is much smaller and lighter than the HX5V and I hope it will be my new companion during my running trips.

It is now April 2014 anbd I discovered that the Nikon D300 doesn't communicate with the 200-400/4 lens properly anymore. For a while now but you get used to everything I guess. But last weekend I shot with a D700 and I was sold. Way faster and normal communication between lens and body. I was able to buy an almost unused body from a photographer so I also own a D700 now to play with!

If you need to know more, just give me a shout.

Please contact me before using any images! No deeplinking please.

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camera 1: Olympus 840-L
December 20, 2002
camera: olympus c-730 ultrazoom (sold 2003)
B-300, WCON 0.8x
May 2003
camera 2: Fuji S2 Pro
August 2003
camera 3: Olympus C-750 UZ (sold 2007)
B-300, WCON 0.8x
Cokin ND +4 +8, warming

cameraDecember 1, 2004
camera 4: panasonic FZ20
September 11, 2005
camera 5: olympus ir-300 (stolen 2007)
cameraDecember 5, 2006 (returned to Nikon February 2008)
camera 6: Nikon D200
April 5, 2007
camera 7: Casio V-7 (sold 2007)
cameraMay 7, 2007
camera 8: panasonic TZ-3 (sold 2008)
May 25, 2007
camera 9: olympus ir-300
replacement for stolen one
cameraFebruary 26, 2008
camera 10: Nikon D200 (replacement for camera 6)
returned in May 2008
May 13, 2008
camera 11: Nikon D300
replacement for D200 (camera 10)
cameraOctober 20, 2010
camera 11: Sony HX5V
August 15, 2013
camera 12: Sony WX300 (camera 12)
cameraApril 6, 2014
camera 13: Nikon D700


Tripod and other gear: